The Strip – Las Vegas

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas

Las Vegas is really worth visiting. With its sparkling lights on every corner, its music everywhere and lots of people, LV is very special – in a positive way.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Las Vegas is: There are escalators everywhere. It´s quite funny –  you  stand still and watch the beauty of this city passing by. Between the famous and enormous hotels along the Strip modern malls are shooting up like mushrooms. On every corner you can find restaurants with special topics (e.g. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.) and sportsbars (poor me – I was traveling with 3 men) with lots of beer.


From south to north

The Strip is a quite long street with lots of traffic – actually the main street in LV – which I think is about 7km long. You can stroll around, drive by car (we preferred Uber) or go by RTC (the cheapest way of movement). The main road of LV starts in the south at the „Mandalay Hotel“. Nearby you can find the „Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas“- sign. It´s huge. I always thought it was as big as me. If you stand in front of it you just think „wtf, it´s gigantic“. The airport is next to the sign.

We visited nearly every hotel there – yes, that´s sightseeing in Las Vegas! The best way you get familiar with charming Las Vegas is, that you walk along the Strip and go through every hotel. I really loved it because every hotel has its special theme. So there is for example „Luxor Hotel and Casino“, which is built in the style of a pyramid. At night you can see a light beam straight from the top of the pyramid shining in the sky. It´s really magic. When you cross the Strip you stand in front of the „MGM-Grand“. This hotel is one of the most famous hotels in LV. Its topic is „Hollywood“. As it is really big, we almost got lost when we were on the way to the David Copperfield show. By the way, the show was amazing.

Most of the hotels do have a casino on the ground floor. As there is no entrance fee, everyone can visit any casino he or she likes. If you decide to gamble there, you get as many drinks as you like for free. To me the most beautiful casino was at the „Caesar´s Palace“. It´s pretty big and it´s not as air conditioned as the other ones. Another amazing casino was in the „Paris“-hotel. You feel like the pillars of the Eiffel tower are integrated in the casino. You can use the elevator to the top of the Eiffel tower. There you have a breathtaking view over America´s playground Las Vegas. Of course you have to pay for it, like anything else there. Money rules the world, so it does there too.

Another amazing hotel ist the „Venetian“I liked it very much. Take a look at the following pictures:

At the end of the Strip (north) are two further hotels I want to tell you about. First there is an older hotel which is called „Circus Circus“. It´s pretty cool because it is built as a circus. It is known from the James Bond movie „Diamonds are forever“. It´s a hotel for families. Every half an hour you can watch acrobatic shows for free or you can have a ride at the Adventuredome. Although it is an older casino, we loved it sooo much. It was the only casino where we gambled with token at the slot-machines. Gambling on these machines was really fun. It was the only hotel we could find which offered games with such „old“ machines. They were really popular.

The second hotel/casino I want to tell you about is the „Stratosphere“. You can see the hotel from far away because it is built as a tower. At the top of the tower you have a marvelous view over „Sin City“, especially at night. Additionally you can ride with the rollercoaster on the top.



I´d suggest visiting every hotel there. It´s really a lot of fun! 


xoxo KLIO xoxo

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